I'm told I have a knack for creativity, a mastery of digital skills and a wizardry with technology. But what I really have is a passion for preaching the Gospel, and I like fusing my tech and design skills to craft digital experiences that bring this topic to life. I believe that not using technology to fulfill the Great Commission is like not printing the Bible despite the existence of printing presses.

    With so much potential (and data-overload!!!) in the digital realm, I enjoy simplifying complex information, and creating bite-sized Bible resources for online and offline distribution. My goal is to make the message of the Cross accessible to all, without ever compromising the Word of God.

    And if you catch me straying, call me out on it 🙏

    Join me in revolutionising the way we share the Gospel online and let's reach the unreached one pixel at a time.

    But once, I was adrift, lost in a sea of confusion.

    From lost sheep to Bible student-in-training, I've journeyed through the wilderness of occult New Age practices and false teachings, including the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), Word of Faith (WoF) and Prosperity Gospel. But I emerged with a renewed passion for sound doctrine.

    With nothing but the wise words in self-help books, I left these movements and navigated the treacherous waters of my own ignorance. Lost in a sea of confusion, I've wandered from church to church, searching for truth and a place of integrity. But all I found were paradoxes, ignorance and inconsistencies. Tradition, modernity, and compromised messages of Christ, I've seen it all.

    As I continued journeying alone, the weight of spiritual warfare was a constant companion, bearing down on me with an almost unbearable weight. But I refused to let it defeat me, I refused to let it break me. I've learned that the journey is worth it, even when it's hard, even when it's lonely.

    But I'm not alone anymore.

    Confusion has set my Publishing journey in motion

    If it wasn't for the guidance and wisdom of the books by Dr. Roger Smalling, I would still be wandering aimlessly. But thanks to his educative content, I've dedicated myself to translating and publishing, I've found my way out. And I'm excited to share this knowledge with others who may be going through a similar season in the wilderness.

    My healing process may not be complete, but I'm ready to share my story and my newfound understanding. Especially with those I have hurt, those who have hurt me, and those I pray for tirelessly who may be at risk of hurt.

    As I continue on my journey of growth and learning, I'm dedicated to spreading only approved educative material. For this I'll be immersing myself in the content of sound teachers, translating and publishing their trusted works on topics mentioned here for all to read. And sometimes I like to add a touch of creativity and a dash of humor to my approach ;)

    Let's explore the complexities of different denominations, Bible translations and interpretations together, and learn from our mistakes.

    • Being Creative

      The most enjoyable part of my job is transforming mundane words into mouthwatering morsels of biblical truth for my Women's Bible Study Groups. I love taking the complex and making it simple, turning dry text into fun, and create uncompromised but easy-to-digest Bible resources with a creative finish that will leave you wanting more of God's truth.

    • Using Technology

      Most of my interactive workbooks and print materials come equipped with a digital feature such as QR codes that take you straight to an evangelistic page with a thought-provoking message or an explainer video with an invitation to join a dynamic Bible study experience. It's like unlocking the power of sharing the Gospel with a simple scan!

    • Teaching Others

      When it comes to spreading the Good News and sharing my knowledge, I won't stop just in Croatia and Switzerland, but will also go on mission trips to South Africa, a country where I have lived before. Teaching churches how to use technology to further the Gospel. and leading a tribe of purpose-driven entrepreneurs on a journey to fulfil the Great Commission in the workplace, is what sets my heart on fire.

    How to Support this Mission

    Our products are available in many shapes and sizes from Christian Apparel and Gifts with a Purpose, to evangelistic books and tracts. Coming soon, our stunning linen notebooks and one-of-a-kind artwork make the perfect addition to your outreach arsenal. When you shop with us, you not only add to your collection of faith-inspired products, you're investing in our mission of educating and spreading the Gospel online and offline here in Croatia.