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    Digital Discipleship

    Ever wondered if Social Media can really help you fulfill the Great Commission? Yes, it can! And I’ll show you how in my biblically-rooted, 30 Day Digital Strategy that’ll help you thrive as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

    Within the Discipleship community there is a deep desire to minister to people in the online space (especially during this time of social distancing.)  If you’re a Coach, a Creative, someone with tech skills or who simply has access to a computer, this challenge will show you what you can do right now as a digital disciple to minster to the people God has put in your circle of influence.

    We as Christians were sent to go out into the world and we are given amazing opportunities to witness and disciple others. Not using technology, would be like not using the printing press to print Bibles in everyone’s language. Yet, we need to be in accordance with God’s word when discipling.

    True discipleship is helping lead others to Christ by not only your words but also your actions. They should reflect Christ as you create a true relationship and community along the way.

    Welcome to Digital Discipleship

    If you sign up for my free challenge, you will receive one idea every day over the next 30 days on how you can spread the gospel and disciple others.

    My dream is to equip Christians with tools and blueprints that were designed to minister to the lost, and birth disciples using the platform they spend the most time on: Social Media!

    In the next 30 days you’ll learn…

    • How to invite new, unchurched people to know Christ
    • How to turn your visitors into active participants
    • How to gradually nurture them into deeper study of God’s Word
    • How to use your Social Media Platforms to help those in need
    • And much more


    & start building your digital discipleship journey today!

    (Send me an email with your name and "digital discipleship" in the subject line to join)


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    Thanks for showing me how to sprinkle a little extra of God’s love online!


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